Welcome to the Blog of Agriturismo I Pitti!

Here you can find some useful information to plan your stay with us, that may solicit your curiosity among the numerous local offers of which hardly you could be aware of your own.

These are general information, related to what you can see in the most important Tuscan art towns that you can easily reach thanks to our strategic position, perhaps with some practical suggestions to visit them at different times or on specific days.

You will also find information related to specific temporary events that you would be pleased to attend or may be useful to know in advance to better plan your vacation.
Information related to events that I personally know or that I search for you and reorganize to make them accessible to you.

I choose them among the many activities that each area offers, following an empirical criterion, based on my personal taste. I try to choose those activities that I judge as  more interesting, as I usually do when you’ve arrived here and I give you some suggestions about what to do or specific events and I see that you like it very much. With this system I can obviously give you many more suggestions, offer a much wider range of choice and above all give you these info before you arrive here. In this way they may be useful to better organize your trip in advance according to your taste and your personal preferences .

It ‘s an initiative that I’m developing since several years, I am setting it up and completing it day to day and that I propose in Italian, English and German, the three languages I know. I would be very happy if you could give me some advice or correct any imperfections in the translations.

This is it, for now. So, happy reading and may your dreams begin!

Stella Fabiano

Mappa toscana con indicazione città e km da agriturismo

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