PISTOIA – The Grotta Giusti Spa of Monsummano Terme

It is one of the most exclusive spas in the world for its matchless particularity.

It is located in Monsummano Terme, about 10 km from the Agriturismo I Pitti, 15 km from the Casa Rowe B&B, and 35 km from the Cosy Apartment in Florence and a car is needed to reach it.

Here there is Grotta Giusti Spa with one of the biggest thermal pools in Europe with a water temperature of 34°C and therefore available to the pleasure of the guests also in the wintertime. A stretch of water of 750 square metres, a large spectacular fall, underwater hydro-massages in four big shells where waters invigorate.

The pool is only one of the gems of Grotta Giusti, a modern wellbeing centre offering lots of different kinds of traditional and oriental treatments.Grotta Giusti 1

This Thermal Centre is marked with the “spa” sign which means “Salus per aquam”, in other words to cure with the properties of water. It’s not easy to obtain this recognition. According to the law from 2001 the Italian State has instituted very clear guidelines in order to prevent traps and false well being centres. In fact only the treatments that use thermal spring water and that has an recognized therapeutic efficacy are able to use epithets like hot springs, thermal, thermal fango and water, hydrothermal, hydro mineral, thermae or spa.

Grotta Giusti 3However it is the thousand-year old cave that makes it unique. It is a natural cave where the humid warmth wraps everything up and recalls the labyrinth of Dante’s Hell. A natural heaven full of stalactites and stalagmites with in the middle a mirror of thermal water creating a natural healthy and detoxifying sauna with its steam: the “Eighth Wonder of the world” Giuseppe Verdi wrote in an enthusiastic letter to the hotel owners close to the cave after his stay here in 1887. Kings and princes stopped here. The fame of these unusual “steam baths” crosses national borders and many foreigners have started coming to Monsummano, especially the French and the English.

Not surprisingly, in 2019 it won the most beautiful international thermal cave award in the world for the third time in a row.

The story of this exclusive place goes back to 1849 when some workers, working on Giusti’s property, found by accident warm steams coming out from the ground.Grotta Giusti 4 They enlarged the small hole and, to their great astonishment, saw this hidden place: the Grotto. The mild temperature made Giusti to use it as a treatment. Now, like at the time, it is easy to be enchanted by stalactites and stalagmites, by mysterious distorted shadows the lights cast far, by bodies moving in the underground warmth of the mount … An unreal silence wraps and leads to Heaven, Purgatory and Hell (the three areas of the grotto) in an atmosphere full of charm. The temperature rises slowly to 34°C in the Hell and makes the “thermal steam bath” pleasant for everybody for about 50 minutes. Do not miss it …

Tip: afternoon entry (after 2 pm) in the thermal pool on weekdays is particularly convenient.

Discounts on all treatments for guests of Agriturismo I Pitti, Casa Rowe B&B and Grazioso Appartamento in Oltrarno in Florence.

More info on www.grottagiustispa.com

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