Pisa’s New Year’s Day – 25th of March 2020

In Pisa, the New Year is celebrated twice – not only on the 1st of January along with the rest of the world, but also on the 25th of March.

The Pisans have not forgotten their traditions, and each year they mark the beginning of the year as was their custom between 1200 and 1749, when New Year’s Day coincided with the Annunciation, nine months before Christmas (Anno Pisano ab Incarnatione Domini).

Today, just like then, the beginning of the Pisan Year is marked by a sort of solar clock, a physical phenomenon that is as simple as it is spectacular and intriguing: at midday sharp, a ray of sunlight penetrates the Duomo through a round nave window, landing on a marble egg on a shelf surmounting a column next to the pulpit of Giovanni Pisano, on the opposite side.

The city of the Leaning Tower will see one day of great festivities in Pisa and in the surroundings.

Wednesday, March 25th, in Pisa, we will be already in 2020, and it will be also the occasion for the start of the tourist season in the city of the Leaning Tower and throughout the province, with dozens of appointments all along the day.

These are some of the events:

  • Historical parade
  • Investiture ceremony for the Game of the Bridge
  • Wine Tasting from the Wine Route of the Pisan Hills
  • Shops open till midnight
  • Special guided tours
  • Open museums
  • Music concerts
  • Street performances
  • Typical dinners in restaurants
  • Fireworks

We advise you to reach Pisa by train both from the Casa Rowe B&B and from the Cosy Apartment in Florence. From Agriturismo I Pitti it is possible to reach Montecatini Terme by car and from there continue by train or directly reach Pisa by car.

See complete program on www.pisatoday.it

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2 Responses to Pisa’s New Year’s Day – 25th of March 2020

  1. Jessica Dettmer says:

    I am very interested in this event. I have dreamed since i was 13(my first italy visit) to be in pisa or florence for my birthday on the 25 of march. Hoping to fulfill this dream this year. Could you reccomned a tour or anything where i can get further nformation or even a program on the pisa or florence new years? Will there be fireworks even if its mid week?
    Thank you for your blog

    • Stella Fabiano says:

      Dear Jessica,
      even if the last days were quite difficult here in Italy, I don’t think there will be any changements for Pisa’s and Florence’s New Years parties. Stay tuned and follow the news. Everything will quite down soon. Stella

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