Pistoia – Antique Market 2020 – Second weekend of the month

Pistoia mercato antiquariato Breda

Every second Saturday and Sunday of the month, except in July and August, in Pistoia, from 9 to 7 pm, a nice Antique Market takes place in the halls at Breda Via Pacinotti.

To reach the Breda halls from Agriturismo I Pitti it is necessary to take the car and drive about 8 km until reaching the city. From Casa Rowe B&B, on the other hand, one can easily walk there with a 10-minute walk.
Coming from the Grazioso Appartamento in Florence, instead, we recommend to reach Pistoia by train and got to the Breda halls on foot.

Where: Pistoia, Breda Halls, Via Pacinotti
When: second weekend of the month except July and August

Program 2020
11 and 12 January

8 and 9 February
7 and 8 March
11 and 12 April
9 and 10 May
13 and 14 June
12 and 13 September
10 and 11  October
7 and 8 November
12 and 13 December

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