Pisa – the Museum of Ancient boats


The city of Pisa can be reached from the Agriturismo I Pitti by car in about 50 minutes.
Instead, from the Casa Rowe Bed & Breakfast and the Cosy Apartment in Florence, I highly recommend to take the train.

In 1998, near the Pisa S. Rossore station, the Italian Railways began excavations for the construction of a railway control center. Some wooden objects came to light immediately recognized by the archaeologists as being of extraordinary value.

In particular, what emerged 6 meters below ground was an incredible series of Roman ship wrecks in an exceptional state of preservation, with loads of commercial objects on board and various remains related to daily life.

The excavation completed in 2016 brought to light about thirty Roman boats and thousands of fragments of glass, metal and ceramics and traces of organic materials. The laborious work of archaeologists and restorers has recreated the mosaic of a long history, made up of businesses and sailors, journeys and routes, daily life on board and shipwrecks.

These finds are now exhibited in the Le Navi Antiche di Pisa” museum in the Medici Arsenals, along the Arno River, recently restored for this purpose . Originally, these were warehouses for the construction and maintenance of the galleys used by the knights of the order of Santo Stefano – the Order of the Cavalry whose job was to protect the coasts from the Saracen threat. The arsenals were soon abandoned and became first barracks and then stables.

This splendid context and the exhibits on display and well illustrated by captions in Italian and English, make the visit particularly instructive and enjoyable, not only for adults, but also for school-age children.

Highly recommended. Guided tours are also offered on weekends. For more information on timetables and events, I suggest to look on the website.

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