Padule di Fuchecchio – The Fucecchio Marshes (Pistoia) -Calendar of Guided Tours Springtime 2018

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The Fucecchio Marshes are approx 15 km from the Agriturismo I Pitti.

They cover an area of about 1,800 hectares and are the largest inland marshes of Italy.

The Marshes, due to their particular location, shelter plants adapted to warm, humid climate, as well as cold northern climates and have been considered a biotope of particular interest deserving protection since 1979.

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The Marshland plays a fundamental role in the migratory routes between the Tyrrhenian coast and hinterland, hosting more than 200 different species of birds during the course of the year.
Therefore the marshland offers exceptional opportunities for birdwatchers and nature photographers, especially during spring migration and reproductive season.
The passage of the migratory birds, together with the cyclical alternating of dry periods with floods, still today shows the natural rhythm of the seasons: an aspect of the Marshland that can be appreciated also with repeated visits over time.Padule di Fucecchio 4

The herons are a particularly important feature here, where they are concentrated in a large heronry, a real “city of herons” with thousands of birds consisting of parents, and last year’s new born. This is the most important nesting colony in south-central Italy, for the number of breeding pairs (about 1000) as for the simultaneous presence of seven different species: Night Heron, Little Egret, Squacco Heron, Cattle Egret, Grey Heron, Great White Egret and Purple Heron.

Some activities, related to working the marshland grasses, have managed to survive: a few skilled craftsmen still gather and weave the local swamp grasses as “sarello” and “sala” to cover seats and flasks and manufacture other objects of every-day use, as well as “gaggia” and other typical plants.

Walk into the swamp choosing from one of its many tourist trails that can be enjoyed on foot and by bike.Padule di Fucecchio 2

Discover this extraordinary natural corner that despite being unique in Italy and its huge importance from many points of view is still little known outside local fields. We hope that the sensitivity of careful tourism may bring the beauty of this place to the light of the world and help to preserve a unique ecosystem.

The easiest and most requested visiting tour is the “Le Morette” walking tour, particularly suitable for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

The trail starts at the Castelmartini Visitors’ Centre that provides plenty of documentation on the wetlands: a small photographic exhibition on the flora and fauna, aquariums with the most common species of fish, local handiwork made from the marshland grasses and a well supplied library.

From here following the road signs for the Nature Reserve you will reach a panoramic road at the Morette Harbour, where it is best to leave your car before reaching the bridge.

The walk through the marshland basin begins after the bridge, along the banks of the canal, and after several more hundred metres stands the Green (or Biagiotti) Hut that has been refurbished into a wildlife observatory. Look through the slits of the screens for a view of the stretches of open waters inside the Reserve, with their margins protected by extensive reed beds.

Opposite the observatory, during the spring and summer months, some of the emerging bushes and the large reed thicket support the heronry, with nests belonging to seven different species of heron; in autumn and winter the water ponds are home instead to thousands of ducks, coots and other overwintering water birds.

The best time of the year to visit the Reserve is Spring, from March to the first half of June. In the summer the best times are dawn and dusk to avoid the hottest hours of the day. From September to January the best days of the week are Tuesday and Friday (when hunting is prohibited) because the Reserve is surrounded by areas where hunting is permitted.

Padule di Fucecchio                                                                                                            Castelmartini (PISTOIA)

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