Lucca Comics and Games – 1 – 5 November 2017

Lucca Comics & Games is an annual convention dedicated to comics, animation, games (role-playing, board games, card games), video games and the imaginary fantasy and science fiction, which this year takes place in Lucca from 1 to 5 November 2017.

It is the most popular comic fair in Italy, the second in Europe (after the Angoulême Comics Festival, in France) and the third in the world (the first is the Comiket in Tokyo, Japan).

The event takes place in the heart of Lucca: the streets and squares of the old town center change into a big fair with stands and pavilions.

Also this year the organization proposes a winning program: exhibitions, meetings with authors, live performances, conferences and the traditional comic-strip market. There will be also the usual “competitions”: from medieval tournaments to reproductions of costumes of comic-strip characters, from concerts to board and electronic games. From the 14th of October, in parallel, there will be free exhibitions at Palazzo Ducale, in Piazza Napoleone.

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