Dolphins Watching: CE.TU.S. in Viareggio

Cetus Viareggio 3

Not just a simple boat trip off the coast of Versilia: what the Cetus centre of Viareggio offers is a wildlife-spotting trip to learn about whales and dolphins. Cetus is in fact the first centre in Tuscany for observing and studying cetaceans.

The biologists of Cetus conduct research and study campaigns in the “Cetacean Sanctuary” that lies between the Tuscan archipelago, Liguria and Corsica. It has already conducted various research projects, in particular related to Bottlenose dolphins. But Cetus also caters for tourists who want to experience the sea in a different way from the usual beach holidays..Cetus Viareggio 2

From April to October the centre organises mammal-spotting cruises off the local coasts. The offshore boat trips with the research catamaran Krill provides for a minimum of seven people. On board the crew give lessons on marine biology and cetology, using cards and photos to recognise the animals’ features.

Cetus Viareggio 1At short distance from the coast you can meet the dolphins in their natural environment and Matilda the female leader of the pack with its characteristic white spots on the back that make it unique!!

The Cetus centre is close to the Marina of the Madonnina in Piazza Palombari dell’Artiglio in Viareggio.

The cruises for a day Exkursion leave at 9.00 am and return at 2.30 pm every day from April to October and cost 60 Euro per person, 40 for children up to 13.

Exicursions upon phone reservation with a minimum of 7 and maximum of 11 participants.

Ask at Agriturismo I Pitti to book a trip for you!

Accompanied by Marine Biologists of CE.TU.S
Daily trips from April to October (9:00 am to 2:30 pm)
Reservations required at Agriturismo I Pitti
or call +39 331 994 9144


Adults € 60.00
Children (under 13 years) € 40.00
lunch included


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