Serravalle Pistoiese – Siege of the Fortress, May 26 -28, 2017


The time machine truly exists and it will be ready to go from May 26 to 28 the Siege of the Fortress of Serravalle Pistoiese

Go back in time in a real boundary castle filled with merchants, visitors and passers by, which will take you back to the year 1200. Everything needed to recreate the ancient setting will be there: the old Fortress with its garrison of weapons, the Longobard Tower called the “ Barbarossa Tower” with the vedettes of Pistoia Town Hall, the market and the different trades: stands of shoemakers, gunsmiths, notaries, money changers and foreign exchange dealers, needed to provide uniformity to the different currencies of the time. You will also meet all the people that gravitated around places of this type: beggars, tavern owners, players, survivors from the Holy Land, bewitching harlots, quick-handed thieves, friars and adventurers.

Besides experiencing life of times gone by, it will be possible to witness events created especially for this occasion and obviously based on this theme.

The Program foresees:

On May 26, Friday evening, dinner in the Middle Age Loggia of the Church of S. Michele. You are invited to a “meal of medieval theme”, featuring only dishes from that time, and excluding potatoes, tomatoes and corn. At the table, there will be roasted meat, vegetables, cheeses and cured meats of the area, and meals cooked following recipes of the 13th and 14th century. Booking at the Agriturismo I Pitti.

At 4 pm on Saturday, May 27, the Medieval Camp opens.
It continues with the reconstruction of the Siege of Serravalle in early 1300 by the troops of Black Guelphs of Florence and Lucca, the latter led by the Marquis Morello Malaspina.
 Archers, crossbowmen, infantry, with the aid of siege machines will fight to conquer the castle.

Sunday the 28th of May Middle Age lunch under the Loggia of Church of S. Michele.

The Medieval camp opes at 4 pm, and from 5.30 a falconry show with acrobatic flights of trained falcons will take place.

 At 6.00 pm a criminal trial actually happened extracted from a document of 1400 will be staged at the Church of St. Stefano.


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