Healing properties of Montecatini Terme thermal water

The mineral spa waters spring out of a depth of about 1000 m at a rate  of 1800 litres per minute, with a maximum temperature at spring level of 33,5 °C and the waters reach the surface both as permeation springs and wells. All the springs are situated at the foot of the Panteraie hills, probably the original location of the waters. The physio-chemical composition varies from spring to spring.
According to the concentration of the saline content in the thickness of the earth‘s crust, which enriches the water as it rises towards the surface. These are strong (Tamerici), medium (Torretta and Regina) and weak waters (Tettuccio, Rinfresco) according to the saline content and belong to the salt-sulphate-bicarbonatesodic group used for drinking (water cures).
There are currently eight thermal springs: five are of the salt-sulphate-bicarbonate-sodic type used for water cures (Regina, Rintresco, Tamerici, Tettuccio, Torretta) and three are salt-iodic-sulphate-alkaline for mineral baths and complementary cures (Giulia, Grocco, Leopoldina). The thermal mud baths derive from the softening of pure mud (argilla paleomarina) in the Grocco thermal spring crater with its multi-spring bottom. The cure par excellence is the water cure with the famous drink symbolised by a glass, but there are also irrigation cures, baths, mud baths, massage, hydromassage, beauty treatments, inhalant cures for nasal blockage, ozone baths and physical therapy.
The main therapeutic advantages are in treatment of the digestive apparatus, especially constipation, liver and bile duct illnesses, metabolic disorders and dismetabolic arthropathy. The thermal
waters of the Tettuccio spring (weak) are physiologically similar to body fluids, and as they have a lower salt content than the blood they are easily absorbed, providing a detoxilying effect on the liver, stomach and intestines. The Regina waters (medium) are partly expelled and partly absorbed by the intestines and decongest the organs of the digestive system. The Torretta and Tamerici waters are strong and are completely expelled by the intestines, due to the high concentration of sea salt which favours intestinal functioning The Rinfresco waters (weak) influence the function of the kidneys. However the use of all four types of water is recommended to benefit from the rebalancing properties.
The spa complex consists of eleven facilities  in one of which all the cures can be taken (Excelsior).
The spa is open all year round.

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