Free climbing on the cliffs of Monsummano Terme

Monsummano Free climbing Cava Rossa

Free climbing enthusiasts have the opportunity, not far away from the Agriturismo I Pitti (approx. 5 km), to practice this fast-paced and very challenging sport on different walls.

In fact, nearby there is Monsummano, a sharp mountain that the ancients called, for this reason, Mons Summanus.
The mountain can be easily identified because in the past there was a stone quarry. One side of the mountain, in fact, is completely bald and it is the side of the climbing area, making it recognizable from every visible distance.

The other sides of the mountain are covered with dense vegetation.

Stone quarry of Monsummano Terme

To arrive at the foot of the mountain head towards Monsummano following the indications to “Grotta Giusti.”
From the Spa Grotta Giusti, follow the indications to the path, and after just a few hundred meters, you reach the walls that you can climb, visible also from distance.

The walls to climbing are three: Paretone, or the main wall, and the two smaller walls, called “Red Cava” (red quarry) and “Cava Grigia” (grey quarry). Each wall is equipped with pitoned lines, the climbing routes are prepared by climbing enthusiasts of the area which, for convenience, are distinguished with fanciful names such as “polenta with mushrooms”, “Morso di ciu’o” (donkey bite) and “Creditors”. While the “Paretone” and “Cava Grigia” have two climbing areas, “Red Cava” has even three (center, left and right).


Free climbing routes of Cava Rossa in Monsummano Terme

The cliff of Monsummano is renowned for its ease of access to the climbing site and the large number of different routes to climb. The preferred wall by the experts of this discipline is, among the three, the Red Quarry. It’s important to remember, however, that there is a prohibition to practice this discipline because the walls of the cave are geologically unstable as result from the extraction process, as witnessed by a recent landslide that affected just the favorite Red Cava. Who climbs in Monsummano, therefore, does it at his own risk and despite the ban, which is very loosely observed, as evidenced by the number of fans who gather here every weekend, with preference for the winter period.

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