PRATO – Textile Museum


Prato and its surrounding area have been home to the textile industry since the Middle Ages, and wool cloth production has accompanied the growth of the city throughout the centuries.
The Galceti soil, the Bisenzio river and existence of water-channelling system of mill-ponds (“gore”) are some of the reasons why the textile industry was started in the Prato area.

The Prato Textile Museum, is the only museum in Italy entirely devoted to the art and technology of textiles from the origins to our own times. The collection, which is continually growing, is made up of over 6,000 samples of fabrics and of objects and machinery from the old wool manufacture.

The historical collections comprehend fragments from Peru (pre-Columbian fabrics) and Christian burial grounds in Egypt (Coptic fabrics).
A large area is dedicated to textile production in the 14th — 18th centuries,
with fragments of textiles from ltaly, Europe and the Middle and Far East.
The 19th and 20th century collections include samples of clothing and furnishing fabrics, some of which were designed by famous artists (Henry Moore, Giò Ponti, Raoul Dufy), as well as clothes, embroidery, laces and braids and samples of cloths from the first factories to be established in Prato.

The collection of ethnic fabrics from the 19th and 20th centuries, from lndia, China, Japan, lndonesia, and Central and South America, is of particular historical-anthropological interest.

The fabrics are displayed in innovative mobile cases which enable the organizer to change the layout of the room according to the exhibits available. Each case represents a historical period and the fabric are rotated periodically.

The layout respects conservation  requirements while at the same time highlighting the artistic and technical aspects of the fabrics.


Prato Textile Museum 
Via Puccetti 3
59100 Prato

Opening hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 am-3 pm
Friday and Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday: 3 – 7 pm
Closed on Monday
Last entrance 45 minutes before closure time

Ticket: 6 Euro fro 7 to 65
Reduced Ticket: 4 Euro – over 65and students 7 – 26

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