Lucca – Palazzo Mansi and how a Ballroom and Bedroom of a princess could look like

Palazzo Mansi - Lucca (25)If you want to give your children an idea of how the ballroom and the bedroom of a princess could look like, I suggest you to visit the Palazzo Mansi in Lucca.

Due to its characteristics and its prestigious furniture Palazzo Mansi can be considered the “Museum of the patrician residence of Lucca“. The building acquired its present appearance in the eighties-nineties of the seventeenth century, following the regrouping of existing medieval buildings owned by the Mansi family, who became one of the most eminent families of the city thanks to a flourishing mercantile activity. The task of building a dwelling adequate to the rank of the lineage was entrusted to the Lucchese Raffaello Mazzanti, while the interior decorations were made by fresco painters from Bologna and Florence.Palazzo Mansi - Lucca (14)

On the main floor, the music hall and the three salons with the alcove are the main reason to visit the museum, thanks to the wealth of Flemish seventeenth century tapestries that cover the walls, the eighteenth-century silk embroideries of the bedroom, and the scenographic decorations in carved and gilded wood.

A rich art gallery forms an integral part of the Museum (among 83 paintings, there is the famous Portrait of Young Man of Pontormo, 1525) which was donated to the city by King Leopold II of Lorraine at the time of the annexation of Lucca to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, placed in the spaces where originally the picture gallery of Mansi was located, dispersed mostly in the second half of nineteenth century.

On the ground floor, previously destined for the summer stay of the family members, is on a weaving workshop that recreates rustic techniques and decorative motifs of a traditional production of Lucca.

National Museum of Palazzo Mansi
Via Galli Tassi 43
55100 Lucca LU

From Tuesday to Saturday 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, last admission 7:00 pm;
Sunday and holidays: closed
Monday workdays closed.
Closed January 1, May 1, December 25.

Full price € 4.00, reduced € 2.00;
Free admission for children under 18 years.

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