Garfagnana – La Grotta del Vento – The Wind Cave

The Grotta del Vento is in the centre of Garfagnana, a mountainous area that coincides with the other valley of the Serchio river, at approx. 80 km from the Agriturismo I Pitti, in the center of Apuan Alps Park, in an area rich in spectacular and interesting karst phenomena. Here the weather conditions have constantly dug, carved and modeled the limestone rock, creating impressive natural sculptures.

The Wind Cave offers visitors a complete panorama of underground karst environments: the result of an evolution process which began 20 million years ago and still continues today.

The Wind Cave offers an exceptional variety of underground karst aspects ranging from living and shining stalactites and stalagmites, to little lakes, water courses, forms of erosion, mud formations and even perfectly-vertical shafts which can be visited with practical walkways.

Equipped since 1967 with practical walkways, it offers everyone the opportunity to admire the wonders of the underground world in conditions of absolute safety.

The temperature is +11°C. Spring or autumns clothing is recommended.

3 itineraries available. Open every day of the year (excluding 25th December).

Price List 2015




1st Itinerary




2nd Itinerary




3rd Itinerary




A reduced price is made to:

  • Children up to 10 years old

  • Military services*

  • Speleologists*

  • Organised groups of at least 20 people with a booking made at least 5 days before

  • Those who show the ticket of another cave which is part of the Italian Show Caves Association (AGTI)

(*) An identity document for those belonging to these categories must be shown.

Audio guides

In the Wind Cave all the tours are guided. Whereas the guide in Italian is available at any time, the frequency and availability of groups guided in other languages is variable and depends on the season.

In the case of a group not being available in the language chosen, an audio guide can be requested at the ticket office. It contains a detailed description of the cave in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese.

The audio guide service is free.

How to get there

From Lucca: km 50, +20mins.

The best way to reach the cave is to go onto the A11 Firenze-Mare take the exit at Lucca, either the east (est) or west (ovest) one is the same.
From Lucca then follow the road signs for Castelnuovo Garfagnana, or the brown-coloured tourist attraction signs which simply indicate “Garfagnana”.
At about 37 km from Lucca, still following the signs for Castelnuovo, you arrive at Gallicano, where the first signs indicating the cave can be seen. Leave the bottom valley road, crossing through the centre of Gallicano and follow the signs for the Grotta del Vento. After about 12 km. of mountainous roads you arrive at your destination.


Grotta del Vento I-55020 Fornovolasco (LU)
Tel. 0583-722024

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