Mountains of Pistoia – The suspension bridge of Mammiano

Ponte sospeso di Mammiano 2We suggest you an excursion to Mountain of Pistoia, to Mammiano, at 40 minutes drive from the Agriturismo I Pitti, where you can discover a really particular engineering work. It is not a masterpiece, but a suspension bridge across the stream Lima on the road to Abetone, immediately after San Marcello Pistoiese, in Mammiano Basso: it is to be seen, especially if you don’t suffer from vertigo. It was built in 1922 and few data explain its exceptionality. The length is 220 metres and the maximum height is 40 metres! It is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world. The steel ropes are anchored by stocky chains to concrete rocks; the rope bridge, large less than a metre, is made of reinforced iron boards and a metallic net; there are also side tie beams to make it less wobbly and safer. Today it is a sought-after attraction for those tourists who look for a surge of adrenalin. However, it was built for another reason: as shortcut for the local workers who went to work to the metallurgic factory of Campotizzoro, on the other side of the valley. Earl Vincenzo Douglas, the then manager of the Società Metallurgica Italiana (now Europa Metalli), had the idea to build it and called his shop foreman, Filiberto Ducceschi, to carry out the mechanic part and his head bricklayer for the building one. It took about two years and 30 men at work to build it. Since that spring day over two millions of people have been crossing it!
Huge its charm, impossible not to try the thrill of crossing it at least once.

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