Pistoia Underground Museum

Pistoia Sotterranea 2The Pistoia Underground Museum (Museo Pistoia Sotterranea) is managed by IRSA (Institute of Historical Archaeological Researchof Pistoia). The museum opened in May 2010, has already been visited by thousands of people from worldwide and has various excellences that make it an attractive target to a rather broad range of visitors.

It lies within the Ospedale del Ceppo, the ancient seat of the city hospital founded in 1277, that in the past, thanks to the prestige gained, was famous throughout Europe.Pistoia Sotterranea 1

The hospital is also known abroad for the presence of the famous frieze of the Della Robbia school, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Pistoia Underground Museum offers a reconstruction of the hospital’s history through the ages from a 700 metres long underground route expanding under the ancient Ospedale del Ceppo and under the historic centre of the town. Pistoia Sotterranea is the longest hypogeous path in Tuscany which is completely accessible to disabled people and equipped with touch panels for the blind.

Pistoia Sotterranea Arcate Convento ConvertiteAfterwards tourists are taken to see the historical part of the hospital. Inside the hospital an innovative medical-surgical school developed in the 17th century with a very modern organization and its main personalities (among them Filippo Pacini) made fundamental discoveries in modern medicine. The anatomical amphitheater, the smallest in the world, is still has not yet been reported in tourist guides. This is one of the hidden treasures in Pistoia, whose walls are entirely decorated with frescoes. It was used for anatomical lectures and has never changed since 1785, when it was built. The visit concludes with an interesting collection of ancient surgical instruments, of which the most ancients are handmade in Pistoia.volte del percorso

Open every day from 10 to 18 with guided tours in English at 10.30-11.30-12.30-14-15-16-17-18.
The visit is always carried out with the guide, included in the ticket price.
Reduced price for guests of Agriturismo I Pitti
Information and reservations at Agriturismo I Pitti

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