Volterra Feast Day in Anno Domini 1398 – August 16 and 23, 2015

The Etruscan town will suddenly take a trip back in time. The highlight of the nine days event will be the „Feast Day in Anno Domini 1398“ which will be held from dawn to sunset on Sunday 17th and 24th August. On these two days, the medieval town of 1398 will be recreated in the historical centre with markets, craftsmen, musicians, jugglers, townsfolk and nobles. It‘s a great chance to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the Middle Ages in one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany. On this occasion, the „Grosso Volterrano“, the coin used in the town during the Middle Ages, will be minted again and will be the only currency in circulation during „Feast Day in Anno Domini 1398“. Craft products, food, wine and many other things can only be purchased with this coin which is available at the bureaux de change. Any unused coins can be later converted back into Euro at the Tourist Consortium Office. The festival will open on Saturday 16 with the declaration of the Worthies and the Herald and the celebrations will begin with the display of flag wavers and musicians.

The evening will feature the „night of waiting“ featuring musicians, dancers and jesters who will invite the population to celebrate and dance. At around 11 on Sunday morning, „Feast Day in Anno Domini 1398“ will begin. The streets of the historical center will be crowded with Merchants, Craftsmen, Musicians, Jugglers, Actors, Artists, Worthies, Knights and Ladies, Flag Wavers and Townsfolk. Thousands of people dressed in costume will move around inns, craft shops, churches, hospitals, towers and palaces in the magical atmosphere of late fourteenth century Volterra. The town districts repropose the ancient trades. The hospital of Santa Maria Maddalena is rebuilt in its ancient style. The farm animals, the building site, the mint, the musicians and acrobats, and the animators in fourteenth century costume accompany the guests until the changing of the guard which closes the festivities at midnight. During the day, scenic actions are performed, alternated with music, in various locations in the city. The main stages of the festival are two splendid locations: Center of town and Parco di Castello.

More info and Program: http://www.volterra1398.it/

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