Lucca – Market of antiques and 20th-century furniture in 2015

About 230 exhibitors will gather on the third Saturday and Sunday of the month from 8 am to 7 pm at the antiques market in Lucca, the second oldest in Italy, which features antique furniture, prints, textiles and objects. It is a popular event for fans and collectors but also for the purely curious. It takes place around the cathedral area, in P.zza Antelminelli, P.zza S.Giusto, Piazza S. Giovanni, Piazza Bernardini, Piazza S. Martino, Via del Battistero.

Programm  2015

17 and 18 January
14 and 15 February
14 and 15 March
18 and 19 April
16 and 17 May
20 and 21 June
18 and 19 July
15 and 16 August
19 and 20 September
17 and 18 October
14 and 15 November
19 and 20 December

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