Arezzo – Botanical Rose Garden Carla Fineschi at Cavriglia

Roseto Fineschi 3Bearing in mind that the month of May is traditionally dedicated to the “queen of flowers”, we advise you to visit the Botanical Rose Garden at Cavriglia and its really huge collection of roses. Since 1967 Carla Fineschi together with her husband Carlo, who passed away a few years ago, have created a flourishing garden here which boasts over 6000 unique examples of roses. A large number of really rare plants grow here, in particular many old roses, including the descendents of the ancient Gallic Rose, of Roman origin, and the Damascus Rose (which Virgil saw at Paestum). Roseto Fineschi 2

At present the Rose Garden is not only a delightful place to visit from the aesthetic point of view, thanks to the gloriously unique moment when the roses are in bloom, it also acts as a real “museum site”, carrying out the basic functions of all museums by collecting, classifying, protecting and providing information on this particular cultural heritage. The difference of course is that it is not in a closed building and here living things rather than “objects” are preserved; however this  involves far more problems for the upkeep and technical assistance because the collection, among other things, also needs regular protection from insects and disease as well as from climatic conditions.

The rose collection at Cavriglia was originally created several decades ago thanks to the family passion for roses and has made it a reference point for all rose enthusiasts and experts.Roseto Fineschi 1

The Foundation of the Botanical Rose Garden at Cavriglia needs all the help possible to cover all its costs; this is why, on arrival, visitors will find a notice inviting them to support it with a donation which also encourages the proprietors to continue their extremely difficult task. They are however rewarded by an incredibly suggestive garden. People noticed, even in antiquity, that where grapes grew well, roses flourished too.

Situated on the borders of the Chianti area, the Cavriglia Rose Garden gives us further proof of this. We should add, however, that the vigour of the rose garden is due not only to its favourable position but also to the scientific methods used there which, for example, include experiments with large quantities of lignite discarded from the nearby mines. This “enchanted garden” is well worth visiting and particularly spectacular in the month of May.

How and When to visit the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden can be visited on any working day or holiday from the first Sunday in May to the last Sunday in June, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Visitors are requested to give a small € 6 donation to the Fondazione Roseto Botanico ‘Carla Fineschi’ as a contribution to the keeping of the collection. If you wish to have a guide (according to availability), a further contribution of € 2,5 each person is needed.

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