Florence – Artisans – Ditta Carlo Cecchi di Ricchi Giuliano

Cecchi Gori Artigiano Oltrarno (3)One must know the firm Ditta Carlo Cecchi, must know that the shop is out there, in Piazza S. Spirito in Florence, behind a door that looks like the others, with no indication that draws attention.

Giuliano Ricchi gladly opens the door and lets in the shop that smells of metal and antique work and tells how he has started as fifteen years old apprentice at the workshop of Carlo Cecchi, the master who taught him all the secrets of the crafts and left him the shop.
Cecchi Gori Artigiano Oltrarno
It is with passion and love for his work that Giuliano is happy to explain all phases of the art of lost wax bronze casting, to produce small valuable objects that are then immersed in a bath of gold or silver to shimmer like jewels on the necks or on the ears of ladies, to make all kinds of little boxes or business card holders embellished with strictly hand-finished decorations and twirls.Cecchi Gori Artigiano Oltrarno (6)

The firm Ditta Carlo Cecchi already existed in the nineteenth century, and nothing has changed since then. In the lab downstairs there are the machines of the early ‘900: furnace, rolling mill, polisher and rocker arms. Giuliano gladly shows how they operate with his expert hands of ancient wisdom and kindness of a gentleman of other times.

Ditta Carlo Cecchi exports all over the world: Rome, Paris, Singapore, New York, San Francisco, even to the Barbados islands. The picture frames and little boxes as well as evening bags were made for big fashion designers as Dior, Nina Ricci and Ballantyne among others. Bill Clinton is immortalized in a photo and while buying items in the shop.Cecchi Gori Artigiano Oltrarno (7)

Even the perfume workshop Officina S. Maria Novella buys here is potpourri and cosmetic boxes.

Everything here refers to the Florentine tradition: the place, the personality of the artisan and the workshop are rich in history and passion.
The prices are also really interesting for such special items: from 15, 20, 25 €, one should not miss this unique opportunity to shop at Ditta Cecchi Carlo.

Cecchi Carlo di Ricchi Giuliano                                                                                                  Piazza S. Spirito 12                                                                                                                     50125 Firenze

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