Arezzo – where Life is Beautiful

La vita è bella

How much history is in the air in Arezzo! Whoever comes for the first time to the city will find a unique panorama that goes back to the Middle Ages. Lovers of cinema will not be able to help noticing that the natural scenery of many places in Arezzo and in nearby towns has been featured in Italian and international well-known films.

Without a doubt, the most famous film shot in Arezzo is Roberto Benigni’s masterpiece, “Life Is Beautiful”. In 1997 it won a David di Donatello, the grand prize at Cannes, and three Oscars. The actor and director chose to shoot the first part of the film in Piazza Grande, Piazza del Duomo and any number of roads in the centre. The film has left an indelible mark in the memory of the people of Arezzo. Still today people in the city remember the days when Benigni came to Arezzo and captured everybody’s attention. The famous scene in which the protagonist of the film meets the woman who would become his wife was filmed in Piazzetta del Duomo in front of the famous Caffè dei Costanti. Today there is a plaque there celebrating Arezzo’s Oscar.

The soundtrack of our site, composed by Nicola Piovani, who now accompanies us since a few years, is that of the film “Life is Beautiful”, which also won an Oscar, and that we never become tired of hearing it.

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