Florence: where perfume was created


Lets start off with a curiosity; have you ever asked yourself what “profumo” (perfume) really means? Few people know that it is a Latin word originating from the custom of burning aromatic oils in order to obtain the benevolence of the gods. But “profumo” (perfume) in a modern sense comes from Caterina de’ Medici who seemed to be the most fragrant women in the world! She was the niece of Lorenzo the magnificent and she was the one who brought the art of making perfumes to France.

Moreover she also brought along the best Tuscan cooks, but a part from that, as we said, she also introduced the new trend to smell good. She was born and raised in Florence during the period in which the use of perfumed balsam oils and refreshing water substances started to become popular…so to her it was natural.

Considering the fragrances an important instrument of distinction and refinement, when Caterina moved to France she took with her, apart from the equipments, Renato Bianco her personal perfume maker who taught the French craftsmen how to put perfume on objects for every day use just like they did in Florence during the illuminated Renaissance.

The huge success of this initiative made noble Frenchmen use fragrances and as a consequence it encourage the queen to launch the art of making perfume, an art of which the French people today are very proud of. However, few people know that this art has a Florentine mother…

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