What do some of our guests do: The Talisman collection

The Talisman collectionThe coming together of four talented musicians one night at a jam session turned out to be the beginning of a refreshingly creative and innovative new band. The Talisman Collection has made it´s name with rocking sounds, authentic lyrics and grooving beats that make their dynamic compositions stand out in the music scene. The four band members Anthony Hill, David Binderberger, Lukas Pamminger and Klaus Brennsteiner are carving their very own path whilst combining different music styles, which result in the unique sound of The Talisman Collection.

Anthony Hill (vocals, acoustic guitar)
David Binderberger (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)
Lukas Pamminger (bass guitar)
Klaus Brennsteiner (drums)

Productions of The Talisman Collection:
2010 First album “…along the way …”
2011 Acoustic album “Acoustic Session”
2012 DVD “The Talisman Collection Live In Concert” (coming up soon)


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