Second Hand Stores

Mercatino dell'usatoNot far away from Agriturismo I Pitti there are many stores of used items. They are rather large stores where one can bring any kind of objects, even furniture pieces of any ages to be sold.

The price is usually decided with the store manager who makes a rough estimate based on his experience and the object is then exposed.
As buyer you can make really good deals because sometimes one can find objects of value, used very little, which are sold at attractive prices, even considering the fact that, if the object is not sold within 60 days from the day it is arrived at the store, its price is reduced by 30% or even 50%.

I know that the world is divided between those who do not like at all these stores and those who are truly passionate about them. My husband and I belong to these categories, in the sense that he can not stand them, while I go crazy. No problem! I simply go there alone.
I really like watching the simplest objects, but also furniture pieces that may have been repainted several times, but that underneath the layers of paint hide a beauty that awaits only to be revealed.

The few times that my husband came with me he also found something interesting and useful for himself! His usual luck.
Because very often you are looking for something, but instead, one finds something else even more amazing!

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