Low Cost Flights and Closest Airports

Aereo 1There are many low cost flights that originate from many European and extra European cities. And there are also several airports that are not far from us. Many times, with patience and determination, you can find the fly & drive combinations that are much cheaper than a car trip that can become very tiring, depending on the city of origin.
Especially if you have the opportunity to book in advance, you can find really cheap flights. Even the car rental, especially if done online and in advance of the arrival date, it may cost very little. In this way, sometimes you earn more than two days of vacation and you arrive in Tuscany loaded with energy and desire to discover, rather than tired and exhausted from a long trip.
We are close to some major airports and below there is a list of them.
Since the low cost flights vary with a certain frequency, we can not give specific advices, other than to try, try and try, but most of all we invite you to report your experience on our blog, which can be certainly useful to other people.

In a separate section we indicate a few car hire companies.

The nearest airports to us are:

Florence Airport (40 km)
Pisa Airport (60 km)
Bologna Airport (120 km)
Forlì Airport (200 km)
Genoa Airport (200 km)
Milan Linate Airport (300 km)
Milan Malpensa Airport (360 km)
Rome Fiumicino Airport (350 km)
Rome Ciampino Airport (331 km)

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