Lardo di Colonnata – Lard of Colonnata

Lardo di Colonnata

Colonnata is a small village at the feet of the Apuan Alps, in the province of Massa Carrara, known for its marble caves and the production of a characteristic cured meat once used as the traditional bread and butter of the quarrymen: the lard of Colonnata. Today the lard is one of the highlights of typical Tuscan products, one of the most delicious and delicate cured meats derived from pork processing. Traditionally sliced thinly and then eaten with toasted bread or fresh tomatoes, this tasty morsel has a unique recipe that is deeply linked with the area. Lardo di Colonnata 3The lard is obtained from the fatty layer of the pig’s back, accurately trimmed and processed according to an old tradition and secular experience. The most unique element is the seasoning in suitable marble bowls, where the lard is laid down in layers with garlic, flavourings, coarse sea salt, black pepper, rosemary, sage and other herbs, and kept for at least six months. The unique preparation and therefore the typicality of the cured meat is associated with the particular characteristics of the transpiration and impermeability of the marble extracted Lardo di Colonnata 2in the Colonnata area. The lard has in fact been certified as a Igp product (Protected geographical indication).Its processing system, unchanged for hundreds of years, was the cause of a long diatribe for the protection of hygiene standards and the organoleptic composition of the product, but in the end the value of history and tradition prevailed over everything else.

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