Outlets and Factory Outlets – Introduction

outlet generaleIt is well known that you buy better where goods are produced.
And here in Tuscany there are many companies, often with small productions of great excellence, exporting to all over the world, that put quality and perfect craftsmanship at the first place.

Many of these companies also have factory outlet stores and offer to local customers their products at a greatly reduced price.
The discounts are practiced throughout the year, but in two particular periods – in January and July – there are further discounts for end of season sales.

Knowing that many people are interested to shop at the outlets I hope that the information presented in this section are useful and that in the future these could also be integrated with the experiences of our guests who are strongly encouraged to make comments after visiting the outlet stores.

In order to make a precise description and be able to update information and opening times, I have personally visited many outlets. In the indication of each store I added also my comments and my suggestions, as if I would express them directly to my guests.

Since the outlets are located in various parts of the region, I tried to group them into geographical areas in order to facilitate the development of an itinerary that will allow you to visit more than one taking advantage of the proximity between the shops.

In addition, often the factories are located in industrial areas and as we Italians are already very vague and stingy with information of interest to tourists, it is possible that the industrial areas are completely lacking in road signs or street names. I suggest you therefore to use a navigator, I used google maps and have had no trouble finding the various destinations.

Well, I wish you a lot of fun looking for the unmissable opportunities!

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