WHAT DO SOME OF OUR GUESTS DO: Restaurant Latino in Sittard – The Netherlands

Ristorante Latino Sittard (6)If you want to immerse yourself in the warmth of Italy, if you are a bit down and try to cheer up yourself by stimulating your taste, if you are homesick for Italy or maybe for a friend known Ristorante Latino Sittardin the “country of the sun”, go to Restaurant Latino.
Franco, the owner, will be able to meet all your culinary preferences by combining all the flavors that have made Italy famous abroad. Various types of pasta, strictly cooked “al dente” together with Ristorante Latino Sittard (4)sauces made of the freshest ingredients and top quality.
We ate fantastic spaghetti with prawns, rocket, parmesan and parsley. Yummy! Accompanied by a bottle of fine Merlot wine.
Even Franco sat down in our company to talk in Italian. Perhaps he felt a bit of nostalgia.
If you want to try the real Italian cuisine go to Latino. And if an Italian is suggesting this…. you can really believe it!

Restaurant Latino                                                                                                                       Steenweg 54                                                                                                                               Sittard 6131 BG                                                                                                                              The Nederlands

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