Florence – I Due Fratellini – Sandwich-Shop

I due Fratellini - FirenzeThis is the ideal place for those who are fond of sandwiches and want to eat products made in Italy.
“I fratellini” – the two brothers (but are they really brothers?) – prepare their delicious sandwiches using ingredients which refer strongly to the Tuscan and Italian food tradition at a really good price: 3 or 4 € depending on the filling you choose. Wild boar salami, raw and cooked ham, aubergines and sun-dried tomatoes in oil, mozzarella, pecorino and other kind of cheeses, combined in a healthy and delicious way for a quick lunch or snack.I due Fratellini Calici

The particularity is in the shop which is really small, maybe 4 m2, in which the two brothers move nimbly, one prepares the sandwiches and the other pours the wine. In fact, you can choose from many wine varieties, served in wine glasses, to combine it with the choosen sandwich.
After you receive the one and the other you move outside of the shop and standing in a corner you enjoy the sandwich. Outside, on the curious wooden shelves you can place your glass to keep your hands free.
It ‘s always very busy, but the speed of the brothers greatly reduces waiting times.

Open from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

I Due Fratellini – Paninoteca                                                                                                          Via dei Cimatori 38/r                                                                                                                          Firenze


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