Chocolate Valley

cioccolato[1]When it comes to Chocolate Valley many think of exotic places, maybe in tropical countries where cocoa is produced.
The Chocolate Valley instead is a part of Tuscany that stretches from Florence to Pisa, which has become popular in recent years due to the birth of many industries chocolate of the highest quality, full of artisans capable of achieving excellent products based on cocoa and chocolate, become famous and sought-after in the world despite the very limited production.

In fact, this is where all the “minds” that gave way to the Tuscan chocolate to become famous throughout the world, promoting the idea of chocolate innovation, founded on a high level of quality. On the other hand, the role of innovator of Tuscany in chocolate was already known in the ‘600 when the Florentine Francesco D’Antonio Carletti (1573-1636) was among the first to import at home the prized product. In Florence, the consumption of chocolate has prevailed since the beginning and they were just the first great admirers of the Medici, at whose court Francesco Redi, chief physician and scientist, was delighted to prepare it in different recipes. Florence was, therefore, before Turin, Venice and Rome, to establish itself as one of the main centers of consumption and innovation in the field of chocolate processing. For this reason since the nineties of the last century, this Tuscan valley has been chosen by numerous chocolatiers as place of business, giving way to the Tuscan chocolate to become famous abroad.

The quality of Tuscan chocolate was born in response to the decisions of the European Parliament authorizing the addition of vegetable fats to cocoa butter, allowing the use of genetically modified organisms, without having to declare it on the label.

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