The Mountains of Pistoia

The Montagna Pistoiese is one of the most interesting parts of the Apennines to visit for its naturalistic and cultural attractions. Both summer and winter, if you are looking for trekking paths in the forest or great skiing, the Montagna Pistoiese always has something to offer for the tourists, all year round.

The four “historic” municipalities of the Montagna Pistoiese (Abetone, Cutigliano, Piteglio, San Marcello) conserve the fascinating characteristics of a history full of courage and difficulties. The picturesque village of Cutigliano, with its roots on the spur of the Cuccola mountain, or the municipality of Piteglio, with its small villages spread out in the forest which, during the summer time, come alive thanks to the many folkloric events, and of course Abetone, a great skiing resort which has a lot to offer also during the summer, are all memorable places offering the possibility of long and refreshing excursions.

Of course, the nature is the queen of this land of valleys and mountains with its seasons that constantly changes the appearance of this colorful part of the Apennines.

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